The DST3 is available in two options:
DST3 S- Linear (or straight) cathodes
The DST3 is a coating system with a larg chamber and turbo molecular-pump. it is suitable to sputter large single sample with specimen diameter up to 20 cm. Smaller multiple specimens can be sputtered over a similar diameter.
To ensure an even deposition ratio over a large diameter,the DST3 is equipped with three sputtering heads. The system is capable to sputter both oxidizing metals and non-oxidizing noble metals.
DST3 A-30 degree angled cathodes
DST3 model is a desk sputter coater equipped with turbo molecular can sputter metals,semiconductors and dielectric targets. it is also capable to co-sputter two or three cathodes simultaneously by using three angular cathodes via common focal point.
DST3 features
•Triplet sputter head
•Large format chamber
•High resolution turbomolecular pumping
•Fully automated colorful touch-screen control
•Able to plot sputtering parameters graphs
•Including USB port for graph and date extraction and software updates
•Thickness monitor system for thickness measuring during coating process
•Two-stage,direct drive 170 lpm,rotary vane pump
•High vacuum turbo pump 60 l/s
•3 water cooled 2" cathodes
•Deposition continusly without need to rest
•300 mm OD x 180 mm Pyrex cylinder chamber
•0-100 mA DC power supply
•7" touch screen control panel;includes features such as a log of the last 200 coatings carried out
•Ultimate Vacuum: Less than 4x10-5 millitorr
•Dimensions: 50 Cm H x 60 Cm W x 47 Cm D
•Utilities: 220V- 50HZ- 6A
•Gas: Argon -99.999% (regulated to 2 - 5 psig); recommended but not required.
•Manual or automatic Timed and Thickness sputtering
•Control the rate of sputtering for any cathode independently,to achieve finer grain structure
•High precision quartz crystal thickness monitor.
•Protection of samples against heating during sputtering process
•System automatically vents when turned off.
•Automatically controlled the power of sputtering independent of pressure
•Automatically controlled the temprature of cathodes in order to protect the life time of magnets
•Equipped with rotary sample holder with ability of tilting in direction of cathod
•Date is rapidly entered using fully automatic touch screen control
•Precision Mass Flow meter (MFC) in order to fine control of the vacuum pressure
•Drawing the pressure,thickness and current curves
•Transfer the curves and sputtering process data by USB port to PC
•Shipping Weight: ~ 27 kg (without vacuum pump).~43 kg with pump
•300 W RF power supply and matching box
•500 mA DC power supply
•Nitrogen venting gas
•Substrate bias voltage
•Rotatable stage
•Angled sample stage
Desk Sputter Coater DST3
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